Sunday, August 9, 2009

So yesterday we piled a bunch of people in the back of a small truck ad went to a park here in the city. Wait, did I mention taht I was the driver? For all of you who have driven in a foreign country you will appreciate my next statemant. Where do the natives learn how to drive? At Pick a Lane, Any Lane Driving School? At one time I found myself sandwiched between two buses spewing black smoke and a truck whose driver couldn't stop staring at this"gringa" trying to drive in their streets! Meanwhile, the jokers in the back of the truck were merrily screaming "derecha" (right) and "izqierda" (left). But we made it to the park unscathed and had a good day. But on the way back, after we stopped for Piza Hut, it began to rain and I didn't feel so bad for those jokers in the back of the truck huddled under umbrellas! HAHA!

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  1. Terri, only you can discribe in detail all of these interesting things that are happening to you. "I'm either laughing or i'm yikes that's not so good." when reading these posts. by the way all of my appliances came from sears. I hope you have a great time, and watch that hot water heater. I can totally see you driving the truck and having so much fun. BE Safe and remember who YOU are. Love always, your friend Nichole B <3