Monday, August 10, 2009

Thi is the kitchen where the cats love to wait for any food that is thrown their way. One night Anya said she saw a mouse just sitting on the burner. Turning the light on at night for a midnight snack can be alittle adventurous here, because the cockroaches fly!!
This is the "pila". Alot goes on here! The left side is for washing clothes, the right sde is for the dishes and the middle is always full of tap water to draw from. When I first got here I was not aware of "pila" ettiquette. Never wash your hands in the middle, use the bowls to draw water from the middle sink to wash hands and clothes and dishes. Also, they caution to not drink the water, so there is purified water, which I use to brush my teeth. This morning I washed all my undies and some pants by hand and was amazed that these women can do it all the time. And here I am complaining that at home I had to walk across the parking lot to go to the machines. Luckily, there is plenty of sun today, so they should be dry by tonight.

Speaking of doing the laundry, here's a glimpse. This is the view from the bedroom door. The blue door is the toilet and the other is the shower. And that is Gary who is building a new baƱo that is wheelchair accessible for the grandma. Everyone is excited at the prospect of flushing toilets and a shower with tile. As of right now, we have to pour a bucket of water down the toilet to flush and there is not much room to manuever! The shower is a little scary too. The water heater is just over your head and it is either scalding or freezing and very tempramental. I'm afraid that one of these days I am going to lose my balance and crash thru the door and onto the patio in all my glory!

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  1. Wow! This makes me so grateful for my washer/dryer - especially with two messy kids!