Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here are some funky tidbits about Guatemala
#1- Everything Comes In A Bag!
No joke!! You go to the corner store and you can purchase milk, water and detergent in bags. When you go to the market and want a slurpee, or shaved ice, they put it in...a bag. We`ve been going to the hospital lately to visit Mama Nita and you can buy freshly cut fruit... in a bag. The pineapple is the best!! They sell little homemade popsicles here at the a bag. Mayo also comes... in a bag. Don't ask me why, maybe because it looks better when the people just throw their garbage in the street!
#2- The other day we were driving down a main road and the traffic came to a stop because there was a guy driving a herd of goats across the street. He had a huge whip and when he cracked it, my hairs on my head stood up straight! Indiana Jones has nothing on him. Why goats you ask? For anyone who wants a fresh cup of milk, of course. Haven't tried it and probably won't, warm milk straight from the source doesn't ring my bell.
#3- Pretty much every house has there own little business. Here at the house they sell blended beans, home made popsicles, dried corn for tortillas, and cream. The lady down the street sells soda and this morning the woman selling toilet paper made a timely call at the house. Also, I've seen a lot of people just cooking on the street and selling a meal.
#4-When someone knocks on the door, they usually use either their keys or a coin and it is LOUD!
#5-Driving...that is a whole other story. No one uses their blinker, but the horn is always in working order. Red lights are ignored if they take too long and turning a left from the right lane is a specialty. Two lane roads are sometimes three or even four lanes and the person behind you always needs to get there before you!
All of these things make me love my husbands country even more! I want this little girl to know where she is from and take pride in both the US and Guatemala and I am looking forward to getting more aquainted with this wonderful quirky country!

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  1. How strange. In Canada, milk comes in bags, too.