Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well, we are going to have rename this blog. It didn't work out here in Guatemala. Luis and I are going home together empty handed. We consulted a lawyer when we got to Puerto Barrios and he informed us that it was going to be impossible to bring her home. First the baby would have to be placed in an orphanage for a year, during which we would have to spend about 14,000 dollars and at the end of that time, we might not even get the original baby. Then because the US does not aknowledge Guatemalan adoptions, we would not be able to bring her home. I knew coming here that there was that chance, but I wanted to try for it anyways. I am sad that I'm not bringing her with us, but after having met Luis's extended family, I am comforted that she will be looked after. The birth mother is going to keep her and we left all the clothes and supplies that we had brought (except for those few things that I held dear to me). As of today she does not have a name, but she has a full head of black hair and white skin. She was born c-section and weighed in at 7 lbs. even. I took some pictures and plan on displaying them soon. I will be home in my beloved United States in 3 days and can't wait!!!