Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Only 10 more days until the baby is due!! Every couple of days I open the suitcase that I packed only for her, to remind myself why I am here! I am finding myself to be increasingly homesick. It is hard to be away from all your comforts of home and those you love. Even something as trivial as a wet towell set me off today. I forgot to bring 2 towells with me; one to wash and one to use. The one I brought was getting a little musty, so I washed it and hung it up to dry, not knowing that we were in store for 2 days straight of rain. Needless to say, my towell is nowhere near to getting dry and so after my shower, I towelled off with my dry washcloth!! Now, I am a big girl, and one arm later, my washcloth was sopping! I had to laugh as I trooped back to the bedroom, hopped over a mound of wet cement and passed the guy building the new bathroom, all while wearing a wet muumuu! Sounds attractive doesn't it?! At least I brought my hairdryer so I could finish the job!! I will never take an indoor bathroom for granted again! Side note: I have to remember to bring my own toilet paper every where as all the public restrooms have none. And it is 2 bucks for a few sqares! I am almost out of my anti-bacterial wipes, so add that to the list, Luis!!

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  1. Terri, You look so good! you sound like you are making the most of the conditions you are in at the time. You can say you've done it all. I'm so happy for you and hope all goes well for you. Make the best of the experience and BE SAFE. love you lots, Nichole Bright