Thursday, August 13, 2009

I have a new respect for our healthcare. Yeah, right now it's a little crazy, but go to a foreign country and you will appreciate what we take advantage of. Tonight we went to the hospital to visit Doña Juana, Jennifer and Catherine's grandma. Last week she took a spill outside her Dr.'s office and then another here at the house. Since then she has gone downhill and no longer talks or eats. The doctors believe that she suffers from some brain trauma from the falls. The hospital here only allows visitors on tuesday, thursday, saturday and sunday for one hour only and you MUST buy a face mask in order to enter the hospital. They sell them outside the grounds on your way in, I thought that it was a magnificent idea!! She was in a room with 2 other women and it was stifling in there with no real privacy. One of her roomates has been there for 5 years because her family abandoned her, very bleak. Doña Juana, or, Mama 'Nita as I call her was too sleepy to talk and didn't even crack a smile at my dorky attempts to draw out a grin. I feel awful for this whole situation and pray that she either makes a full recovery or at least is not in pain. Her daughter, Gessi, is allowed to go everyday at meal times to help her eat. Last year when I was in the hospital I had my own room, tv, bathroom and Luis was able to stay the night, and I complained the whole time!!! PLeasae keep her in your prayers. Jennifer and I had to ride in the back of the truck to and from the hospital and we counted our lucky stars that it didn't rain, but we brought a bright blue tarp for just in case. Anyways, I have a little under 2 weeks now until Luis gets here and we can go pick up our little bundle! I am too excited!

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