Thursday, July 30, 2009

When I began this blog, I really wanted it as a documentation, or journal, of this whole experience. I guess that means the good,bad and the ugly. Well, I have a little ugly. Originally, luis's niece (the birth mother) told us she was due August 27th, then she told us she was due July 25th and that was verified by Luis's mom who said that the baby has dropped and that she has been experiencing contractions. Luis and I scrambled to buy a ticket for me and I gave my notice to my job. We planned for me to come down first and stay in Guatemala City to wait for the baby and Luis would come down a week later and then we would be able to start all the legal proceedings. Since we decided to adopt, we knew we would have some responsibility to the birth mother and the baby to make sure both were healthy, so we sent money every week. Not a ton, but enough to live on. On accasion she would call asking for a little extra to cover a doctors appt., and we would gladly send it to her. Just found out yesterday that she is back to her original due date and would like a t.v and dvd player!!!So now I am here early and will have to wait for about a month now until she is born. Luis and I both feel as if we've been played and right now it is unsafe for me to travel by myself to Puerto Barrios (5 hours by bus) so I must stay in Guatemala City. We have decided that Luis will push back his arrival date and will come closer to the due date, since he is an intregal part of the legalities. I have no problem with the tv and dvd player part, but lately I've been feeling a little taken advantage of. Dealing with family is a delicate process and so far we have been playing fair, but it is frustrating when the other party is not. Don't get me wrong, I am just fine here and I am enjoying Luis's ex-sister-in-law and his nieces but I also like my own bed too. Last night it began to rain pretty heavy and as I was lying in bed listening to the rain hit the aluminum roof, I was also thinking that to get to the bathroom I would have to jump some puddles. Sorry if I am complaining, but I miss my husband. I still feel like this is the right thing to be doing and I know that Heavenly Father wants me to be a mother and I know that He will look out for me. I am looking forward to this baby girl and dressing her in all the pink clothes that I have brought!!

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