Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day two into my Guatemala trip has me reunited with my luggage and living "as the natives do". This morning I woke up to roosters and motorcycles, and heat. Although, its not near as bad as I had thought. I am staying with Luis's nieces and their mom and grandma and grandpa and the occasional stray kitty. Very nice people and very patient as I stumble thru my spanish. (the girls speak fluent english, so it's not too bad) I do think that I have contracted black lung on account of riding in the back of a pick-up truck thru the city next to buses that spew black smoke from the exhaust. And I've learned to pour two buckets of water down the toilet when one just won't get the job done! I took a shower by candle light after killing the biggest cockroach I have ever seen .... Okay, I didn't kill it, but I watched and cheered; hope thats not bad karma!! Overall, I am having a great experience and asof yet, have no news of when this baby girl is going to be born. Luis joins me in a week and hopefully she will be here by then, if not, I'm taking Carla (the birth mom) on a 12 mile run and then 3 hours on the trampoline! Just kidding!


  1. Maybe your time in Florida with the cockroaches was all part of your preparation for this moment!

  2. Go Terri! You can do it! Living like the native and all. I heart you. Prayers heading your way...