Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I was thinking the other day aboout what kind of mother I am going to make. I began to look back on the wonderful examples of "moms" that I've had in my life and found myself to be truly grateful for some great women in my life. First and foremost is my own mother. She and I have enjoyed a bond that has only strengthened as I've gotten older. When I was younger I did not fully appreciate the sacrifices she undertook for our family, but now I can honestly say she is my best friend. My mom, hates to be in the limelight (for those of you who know her, remember her pictionary dance?) so this posting may embarass her, but oh well!! I was once asked to write about someone I admire and I remember writing about my mom and how she always took the small fork when there were no more big forks so that the kids could have the last big fork. Small thing, I know, but made a lasting impression. Will I be able to relinquish the proverbial "big fork"? I hope so. My mom is an incredibly hard worker and is never one to complain ... much. As a matter of fact, I wish she would complain more!! Whenever I was sick, she was there with the 7-up and saltines (even to this day, when I am sick I think "I want my mommy"). I love her and will be forever grateful to her. Thanks Mom! I have been blessed to have many great examples of motherhood and as I embark on my own journey, I can look back and say thank you to these women who have shown me how to be!

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  1. I fondly remember the pictionary dance. There are only a very few of us in the world who actually know what that is! I feel lucky to be one of them. I also feel lucky to know and love your mother. She is amazing! Love you Teeb!