Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Beginnings

A year ago this month I was in Guatemala awaiting the birth of the baby girl that was to join our little family. Due to unforseen changes in policy, it sadly didn't work out and I was crushed! I was so hoping to become the mother that I have felt I can be.

But upward and onward.

This year (2010) has been a huge success for the Perdomos. As Luis and I came home from Guatemala, I discovered that we needed to work on a few things to put us on the right path. For those of you who do not know my husband, please don't judge too harshly. He is an alcoholic. There! I said it. Not the most glamorous of titles, but an issue nonetheless. As I visited my parents over the Christmas holidays (I was there a week without Luis), I realized that for us to move on and grow, some things needed to change. Luis was becoming increasingly more volatile and I was becoming increasingly more depressed. His drinking was absolutely out of control. I felt the only way to battle this was to deliver an ultimatum "The booze or me" Amazingly, I didn't have to deliver those words as he tearfully announced to me upon picking me up from the airport, that he was ready for to take the next step....AA! I was completely floored and the very next day looked up meeting times and places. I dropped off a very nervous Luis at his first meeting (he chose an English speaking group). And picked up a markedly different man (still Luis). For 2 months he went to one meeting every day and to this day has been 7 months sober!!!!
The peace that is in our house is amazing. The love I felt that had been lacking has since returned a hundred-fold! He's not perfect, nor is he trying to be perfect but I have found him to be an amazingly strong man and so committed to this sober lifestyle. In return I have committed myself to support him 110%. We have grown as a family unit and can now talk in ways we never could before. I know that Heavenly Father softened his heart. He just goes about it in mysterious ways!!

I have also re-committed myself to this blog. Changes are coming, so please bear with me as I muddle through this process!

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