Monday, January 9, 2012

Just Bend Down and Pick it Up!!!

I need to get this off my chest.... I AM LAZY!!!! My middle name is Procrastinate. Why do something now if I can do it tomorrow? Served me alright in school. Sure I was under the pressure sometimes, but I got good grades, and who doesn't give their best when it's all on the line right??? BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! This lack of motivation has carried over into my adult life and I have learned nothing!!!
I almost missed the due date to send in my husbands papers for his citizenship, I went one year without renewing my drivers license, and that little piece of hotdog that fell on the kitchen floor? Hard as a rock and had an unidentifiable color when I finally swept the floor!!
I have a huge list of New Years Resolutions. I will NOT bore you with all of them, (although I reserve the right to talk about them later) but I am going to chat about one. One that I am so ashamed to admit. I hate bending down to pick things up!! I have, although, gotten very adept at using my toes to pick up a vast array of fallen articles. I will usually kick it out of the way thinking I will pick it up later. ....later usually means very much later.....
so for this New Year I have resolved to pick any and all fallen objects up the minute they touch the floor.... Seems small, minute even, but for me it's a HUGE deal.
I was at the grocery store the other day and a jalapeno fell out of the basket. I did my normal kick it to the side, but remembered my new responsibility and actually bent down and retrieved it!!!! What the heck?? That little act of movement started my day off so completely right! I know I can do this! I got home and actually mopped the floor, when I dropped my comb, I actually bent down and picked it up instead of using my toes..... and the day went on and on....
Now that I am able to reflect on this, it isn't the act of bending down, it's that I am actually following through... This act has helped me clean my kitchen before I go to bed, fix my lunch the day before and so on and so on....
Baby steps is all!!!!

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